Pectus Carinatum
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Standard Bracing

Bracing works much the same way orthodontic braces work to correct misaligned teeth. They apply Anterior (front) force to the chest deformity and this is counteracted by a posterior (back) force. The application of force is continued until the chest can maintain the corrected shape. Standard bracing comes in 2 options:

“Off-the-shelf” braces are pre-made and can be purchased online. While these may be the cheapest option, they are rarely very effective. Patients size and shape vary considerably and the apex of a pectus deformity can be in different locations. For these reason one-size-fits-all braces often produce disappointing results. 

“Custom” braces are available in a clinical facility from providers called orthotists (brace fitters). However most orthotists (brace fitters) have minimal experience with Pectus bracing and therefore are not aware of the different types of PC and do not know the techniques and nuances needed to get optimum results. Custom braces may be custom made but are subject to the skill and experience of the orthotist and are often aesthetically unappealing or fail to apply pressure in the correct way. This is the more expensive option. Custom braces provided through an orthotic clinic usually cost between $800 and $1,500. If you are go this route and are asked to pay more than $1,500 you are significantly over-paying.