Pectus Carinatum
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The LA Pectus Brace Treatment Program

The LA Pectus Brace was designed by an orthotist in Los Angeles who specializes in Pectus Bracing. After seeing how resistant young kids can be to wearing a brace, he set out to design a brace that was not only maximally effective but also much more aesthetically acceptable. The result was The LA Pectus Brace.  

The LA Pectus Bracing technique is different to regular bracing. Through the analysis of hundreds of patients treated with the LA Pectus Brace we have been able to identify the variations of deformity seen in PC and determine how to successfully achieve the best outcome for each variation in the shortest possible time. 

We have taken the advanced design of The LA Pectus Brace and our superior knowledge of PC types and treatment needs and developed The LA Pectus Brace Treatment Program. This is an online program to allow patients to achieve the same exceptional results as those seen by patient fitted with the LA Brace in a clinical setting. Through this program patients can be confident of receiving the best possible brace, achieving maximum results and avoiding the need for office appointments and the associated high costs.