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The Ultimate goal of pectus carinatum treatment is to “normalize” the shape of the chest and leave an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The LA Pectus Brace was specifically designed to optimize the effectiveness of Pectus bracing in a low profile design that children (and adults) will not mind wearing. Other Pectus braces are typically bulky and/or overly clinical looking and children are usually resistant to wearing them. The LA Pectus brace is predominantly plastic, is lighter and is less bulky.
Each LA Pectus Brace is custom made according to the users size and the type of PC deformity present.

LA Treatment Phases

LA Treatment Phases

Phase One

Remodeling of chest. The deformity is gradually reduced and the brace is continually tightened to accommodate the reduction in the size of the deformity.

Phase Two


Phase Three


Phase Four

The “Retainer” phase is where you continue using the brace at night only, to minimize the risk of recurrence of the deformity.


How It Works


Pectus and Rib Flare Bracing works on the principle of uniplanar compression force applied over a continuous period of time. There is a front force over the chest bump (or rib bumps) and a counteractive back force applied to the back.  Both PC and RF are froward facing deformities to and it is therefore important that pressure is only applied in a front-back direction and NOT on the sides. For this reason the brace is designed to be away from the body on the four corners, the sides at the back and the sides on the front.  

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This Front-back force system needs to maintained continuously over a period time for remodeling of the bones and cartilage to occur and the corrected shape to hold.


1. Pre-Bracing there is a frontwards facing protrusion

2. The brace is applied and there is front facing pressure over the bump and counteractive pressure on the back

3. Through continuous application of force the protrusion begin to reduce. In addition the posterior back plate begins to flatten making the brace less bulky and easier to disguise under clothing

4. The protrusion has now reduced and the brace is now closely contoured to the body. Brace wear is maintained to hold the corrected shape


5. Remodeling has occurred and the revised shape is stable enough to reduce wear time and then eventually stop wearing the brace

Order Review

We have extensive experience with Pectus Bracing. At our clinical facilities in Los Angeles county we have been providing pectus brace treatment since 2003 and we fit approximately 80 patients / year with Pectus Carinatum and Rib Flaring braces with consistently great results. 

Most sizes and designs are kept in stock and shipped within 2 days. For those that we do not have an item in stock the order will be made to order and shipped in 2-4 days.

For those who do not meet the criteria for one of our pre-sized braces we recommend ordering a custom LA brace from a  pectus bracing specialist with one of our affiliated clinical providers: 

Ordering Procedure

To place your order, please first review the Am I a Candidate page and the PC Types page. Then, to place your order, you only need to provide us with:

PC Brace –  the Design (Left; Central; Right for PC) and the Size (Small; Medium; Large)

RF Brace – just the Size (Small; Medium; Large)

To see examples of typical result with The LA Brace Treatment Program, please click on the Results tab.