1. How much correction of my PC can I expect from this program?

The amount of correction of your PC varies depending on age, type of PC, severity of your PC and compliance with the wearing schedule. Central PC will correct better than Rib Flare and Lateral PC. If you are still growing and your PC is not severe than most people can see close to 100% correction. As you age the degree of correction possible reduces. Those with a severe PC, as long as they follow the wearing schedule, can also usually see some improvement. The ones that prove most challenging are the severe cases that have drifted noticeably to the side of the torso.

2. What is the difference between the LA Pectus Brace and the simple Pectus brace I can purchase at Amazon?

There are different variations of Pectus Carinatum as detailed in our PC Types page.  which require different designs of brace. For a successful outcome, a Pectus brace should be a good fit and the treatment program designed for their specific needs. The probability of an one size / one design brace with generic wearing details proving a successful outcome is very low.

3. What is the difference between the LA Pectus Brace Treatment Program and other braces/treatment programs provided by local clinics?

The LA Pectus Brace Treatment Program has been developed over many years for both maximum effectiveness and maximum aesthetics. Differences include: (a) In many locations access to a specialist is limited OR the local bracing provider has minimal experience with Pectus bracing; (b) when a specialty clinic is available, the braces provided by these clinics are usually more bulky and often considered ugly by the child who is then less inclined to wear it; (c) Specialized pectus bracing clinics offer custom bracing but they are only available via face-to face appointments at their clinic and thereforecan be expensive; (d) The LA Pectus brace was specifically designed to be more modern looking and less "clinical", without impacting the effectiveness. It has been successfully fitted to hundreds of patients with consistently great results. However, we do not discourage you seeing a specialist prior to starting with The LA Pectus Brace Treatment Program and many of our clients do begin our program after being prescribed a brace by a thoracic surgeon.

4. I would like to order a brace. What do you need from me?

  1. All you need is to determine if you have a left side PC, central (middle) PC, right sided PC or Rib Flare. Then just determine the size you need. If you do not meet our criteria for a pre-sized brace a custom bracing soultion is avaialble from one of our affiliated providers, see our list at LAPectusBrace.com or contact us for more assistance.

5. Is each brace personalized?

No, we have 4 designs and 4 sizes of PC Braces and 1 design and 4 size od RF Braces. For a personalized bracing solution, see our affiliated providers at LAPectusBrace.com or contact us for more asssistance.

6. What will be the daily wear hours? What will be the treatment length of time?

This varies from patient to patient and we will provide guidelines with your brace. There will be a period of time when you must wear the brace full-time but most of the time the brace will be worn part-time. the total wear time is usually 12-18 months.

7. Who created the treatment program?

Our orthotist (bracing specialist), Gez Bowman CO, who has fitted hundreds of patients at his clinical practice in Los Angeles. A significant portion of his clinical is devoted to Pectus bracing.

8. How do I know if my son/daughter is a good fit for your program?

We can treat 95% of PC and RF cases. However, if you are not sure, you can pre-send us two pictures (one front front and one from the side) along with the girth measurement, weight and user’s age prior to you making a payment. We will then review your case and confirm they a good candidate.

9. How long during the day can he take the brace off?

There will be a period of time when you must wear the brace 24/7. Exactly how long this period of time will be varies from individual to individual and will be determined on receipt of your order, based upon your age, type of PC and severity of the prominence. For all other times the client will wear the brace on a part-time basis.

10. Does this treatment work for girls too?

Yes. While PC is more common in boys, girls can also have PC and the same principle of treatments apply. However if a girl has a lateral PC and has developed breasts it may not be possible to effectively apply pressure to the apical point of the deformity.

11. Does it come with instructions?

Yes, it will come with personalized instructions specific to your individual needs.

12. Do you provide any kind of support during the treatment?

Yes, we will send you detailed instructions and be available by email to guide you through the Treatment Program and answer any questions you may have. However, if you feel you will need more personal assistance you also can order your brace from one of our clinical providers at LAPectusBrace.com (additional charges apply).

13. My son is concerned about the bulk of a brace. How noticeable is the LA brace under clothing?

All braces are somewhat noticeable but braces vary considerably in how bulky they are. The LA Pectus Brace was specifically designed to be less bulky and less “clinical” looking than all other braces. Initially a brace is more noticeable as it must avoid pressure in certain areas. However, once the deformity reduces in size (which happens quickly), it becomes less visible and, if he is wearing a loose over-shirt, most people would not know he is wearing a brace.

14. Do I need to wear shoulder straps with the LA Pectus Brace?

We provide a set of shoulder straps with the brace but they are not required. We request you use them only if you have significant slippage problems during the day and/or you find the brace moves out of position at night.

15. He has been wearing the brace for 8 weeks and the results are amazing but his chest now seems to go slightly in rather than out. Is this a concern?

This is not an uncommon scenario. The LA Brace is very effective at reducing a PC and often to the point where the chest starts to look slightly sunken. This is rarely a concern but it may necessitate that we change the wearing schedule. Please email us with a picture of the chest so we can revise your wearing schedule.

16. Do you ship to international customers?

Yes, we can ship to many countries. We have shipping costs automatically set up for North America, Australia, some parts of Asia and most of Europe. For any countries not listed, please email us your address to confirm if shipping is possible and the shipping costs. For many countries, you will have duties and taxes to pay on receipt of your brace package.

17. My country does not have a set shipping price. How can I confirm you will be able to ship to my international address?

Please send us your address to Support@PectusBrace.com. We will enter your address into our shipping portal to confirm we can ship to your address and provide you with the cost.

18. How long does it take to ship the brace?

If we have your design and size in stock it will be shipped within 2 days. If it is not in stock, the brace is made to order and typical fabrication time is 2-4 days. Shipping time will vary from 1-4 days in the continental US and 3-7 days for international orders.

19. I am 24 years old, am I still a candidate for bracing treatment?

Yes. Although PC bracing is most effective on a growing child, where we can often achieve 100% correction, it can still be a positive treatment on adults. However, the effectiveness decreases as you age. At around 18 years of age, you can often achieve up to 60% correction. At 30 years of age up to 30% correction. By age 40, maximum possible correction is only about 10%. Please note it does require a period of 24/7 brace wear time to achieve permanent corrections.

20. Who developed the wearing schedules?

This program has been developed over a period of 15 years by our pediatric orthotist in LA county, Gez Bowman CO, who fits over 80 LA Pectus Braces/year with consistently great results. Having seen how limited most orthotists knowledge of Pectus bracing is and how other braces are often very bulky and/or badly designed we decided to make it more widely available through this website and through our affiliated clinical providers.

21. I live in California and I have a prescription for a Pectus brace. Do I need to pay the CA Sales Tax?

No. If your brace is prescribed by a US physician then it is considered a service and we do not need to collect California Sales Tax. You will need to email us a picture of the prescription then we will send you a payment link to pay the amount with the CA Sales Tax removed ($395).

22. Do you make Rib Flaring Braces?

Yes, we also make the LA Rib Flaring Brace, which is very effective at reducing rib flare. People often make the mistake of wearing rib belts for rib flaring which has little to no impact and can sometimes make the problem even worse. The LA Rib Flaring Brace has been designed to provide the optimum forces needed to achieve maximum possible correction. RF can be present in combination with both Pectus Excavatum or Pectus Carinatum or be present by itself. The treatment protocols for RF are the same as for PC. However, when both PC and RF are present, you may need two separate braces, one for the Pectus Carinatum and one for the Rib Flaring.

23. I have both PC and RF. Can I treat both issues at the same time?

Yes, but you will need to purchase both the PC brace AND the RF brace. When both issues are present, you have two options: (a) wear both braces simultaneously; or (b) complete the PC treatment program and then begin an RF program. While both options are usually possible, there are some circumstances where we will suggest one specific option. After reviewing your case, the orthotist will advise you if he thinks one of the two treatment options is more appropriate.