Pectus Carinatum


In patients who are still growing and have a very mild PC, exercises may be enough to prevent progression. These exercises target the muscles surrounding the protruding area in an attempt to decrease the appearance of the outward chest cavity. Exercise programs should be designed specifically to the individuals needs and should ideally be provided by a certified therapist with experience treating PC. Again these exercise programs are only of benefit in very mild cases.

In patients who, after cessation of growth, have a residual mild to moderate PC, exercises can also be beneficial in building muscle to help disguise the PC deformity. These are particularly beneficial when used in conjunction with the Adult LA Pectus Brace.

Patients with asymmetrical PC (Lateral Right; Lateral Left), are often recommended asymmetrical  exercises  to develop the musculature on the contra-lateral side. This can help to mask the severity of the deformity.