Adult Bracing

There are no known studies on adult pectus bracing and there has been little information presented on the results of adults with Pectus Carinatum treated with a brace. We have made many braces for children but significantly less for adults. Based upon these limited numbers we do know bracing becomes less effective with age. Through analysis of adults fitted with the LA Pectus Brace, we estimate the maximum amount of correction possible*, as a percent of total, is as follows:

AgeRib FlareCentral PCLateral PC
Correction %

These estimates assume the chest has some flexibility (i.e. can be manually pushed in at least 1/2″).
Total wear time is 12-18 months and it requires a period of 24/7 brace wear time (for the LABTP, we determine the times needed by evaluation your information on receipt of an order/payment).

* Results presented are the predicted maximum possible based upon limited data. Results vary and are not guaranteed