Pectus Bracing – Skin Pressure Management

Pectus bracing works by applying a constant force to the apical protrusion. while the amount of force should not be high, the force is applied constantly. Therefore, skin pressure management can become important.

During the wearing time, it is expected that the skin will become red in the area where the anterior (front) force pad applies pressure. Usually this is not excessive and dissipates once the user stops wearing the brace.

There are some general rules for skin management.

1. It is important to keep both the pad and skin clean. user should wash the skin twice daily and wipe the surface of the pad daily with an alcohol wipes. In addition, undershirts should be worn between the skin and the brace and these replaced twice daily.

2. Where possible, avoid using creams, lotions and powder on the chest. This is because these will often the skin and make it less tolerant of pressure.

When redness is excessive additional measures are needed to avoid skin breakdown. While some people (in particular fair skinned individuals) are more sensitive to pressure, the most common cause is a user wearing the brace too tight.  If excessive redness occurs, wear the brace looser. In doing so, if you have issues with the brace sliding off the chest, attach the shoulder straps.