Pigeon Chest

Is Pigeon Chest the same thing as Pectus Carinatum ?

A “pigeon chest” is medically known as Pectus Carinatum. In this condition, the anterior to posterior dimensions of the chest cavity are increased when the sternum (breastbone) is relatively protruded.

Pectus carinatum is an overgrowth of costal cartilage causing the sternum to protrude forward. It primarily occurs among four different patient groups, and males are more frequently affected than females. Most commonly, pectus carinatum develops in 11-to-14-year-old pubertal males undergoing a growth spurt.

Mild to Moderate cases can usually be treated with a brace, for which the LA Pectus Brace is the gold standard. In very severe cases, surgery can be done to correct the condition.