Replacement Front Plate


Occasionally there is a need for a second brace due to growth, damage or change in PC configuration. However, often only a new front plate is needed and not a full replacement brace. We offer the replacement front plate at a discounted rate to our current customers.

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There are 2 main reasons to order a new front plate

  1. Growth – child has grown and there is too much pressure on the sides on the body
  2. Re-design of front plate for redistribution of front pressure*

*Occasionally  there  is a secondary PC (usually lower) that becomes evident after flattening the primary PC. We see this in about 1 in 10 kids. If this becomes a concern and there is a desire to flatten the secondary PC, we recommend:

a) first completing phase 2 with the current brace
b) then switching to a new front section that is designed to target
either just the secondary lower PC or both the primary and secondary


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