what our clients say

Just want to let you know I obviously wore my brace at work — through airports — and in many situations in which the majority of people didn’t notice it was on. So thank you!

Matthew F

Anything that shows how magical your product is, should be known…thanks again for your great product and support…Thanks a lot for your help and such a wonderful device

Jack D

We are so grateful for this apparatus. So far, we are pleased with the results. Thank you for what you do!… We are so grateful.

Jenny B

your brace is very cool! I can’t believe how streamlined it is

Danny C

Firstly, I want to say that I am very impressed with how the brace is working with reducing the PC. I can see a significant change, and some family members have asked if I have lost weight and said I looked in better shape. This has increased my confidence, and I want to say thank you.

Kalen M

My son Jordan’s condition has vastly improved with LA Pectus bracing. The protrusion is now flattened considerably after 7 months. We are very thankful for the LA Brace and wish to follow your prescribed regimen to completion

Bill C

Already seeing great results with the chest brace

Nick N

Please feel free to use our pictures. We are happy to help out anyone in the situation we have been in!

Emma/Bryan D

Things are going really well with Josh’s brace! Wwe are thrilled! Joshua is so happy and we are so happy to be successful with conservative measures…I’m going to share the info with his pediatrician as well as I think they need more education on these braces!

Sam P

worked amazingly well

Rita L