Hyper-Lateral Carinatum

Central Pectus Carinatum deformity is more correctable than lateral deformity. The more to the side of the chest the deformity is, the more difficult is to correct. While most Pectus Carinatum is central or slightly offset to the side, it can occasionally be more lateral (to the side). We call this a Hyper-Lateral Carinatum. When the offset is greater (>) than 1.5 inches then the Lateral LA Pectus Brace becomes biomechanically inefficient and can not provide the necessary controls. When this situation occurs a custom TLO (Thoraco-Lumbar Orthosis) brace is needed to provide antero-lateral forces. We therefore only recommend our Lateral PC brace for clients who’s Carinatum has an apex that is less than 1.5 inches to the side of the center line. Any Carinatum with an apex of 1.5 inches or more to the side would be classified as a Hyper-Lateral Carinatum and would requires a custom TLO solution.