Custom Ordering Information

The LA Rib Flaring Brace can be custom made to the specific size and specific correction force needs of the user. We have developed an algorithmic system that allows us to obtain the required dimensions to custom make your brace from a combination of pictures and simple measurements.

To order your custom brace click on this link: Custom LA RF Brace

To make a Custom LA Rib Flaring Brace we just need:

Rib Bumps Circ

A picture of the front of the ribs

A picture of the side of the ribs

Girth: A girth measurement around the lower ribs at the apex of the deformities

User’s Age

User’s Height

User’s Weight


Example 1

John Smith


girth = 29 inches

age = 18

height = 68 inches

weight = 155 pounds

Example 2

Jane Smith


girth = 24 inches

age = 22

height = 62 inches

weight = 118 pounds

Please go to: to place your custom order then email your pictures and measurements to us at:

After reviewing your order we will confirm you are a candidate for the LA Brace Treatment Program then proceed with making your brace. Fabrication typically takes 3 days.

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